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Jeremy Point, Wellfleet, MA, Captain Curley

6 people maximum on all sails. Children, even infants, are people too.


$300 Private Sail for up to 4 people

$75 per additional adult 

$35 per additional child (under 13 years old)

Departs at 10:15 am & 1:30 pm daily (reservations required)

Meet at Wellfleet Harbor public dock; 255 Commercial Street

Free Parking

The Beach Sail to Jeremy Point excursion offers guests a unique opportunity to cross the harbor to a secluded beach

Many guests are new to sailing and are amazed by the quiet beauty of the sport. Discover how using only the power of the wind intensifies the feeling of being in touch with the surrounding natural beauty. Feel free to ask questions, consider taking a turn steering the boat, or just enjoy the pleasing sounds of the wind and waves.


Having a destination adds an incomparable element to the experience

Once on Jeremy Point you'll realize getting here was only half the fun. This quiet sand bar is accessible only by boat or four mile beach walk making it the least crowded beach of your Cape Cod vacation. Most guests bring a picnic but you'll also want time to walk the peaceful beach, collect the shells that replenish during each high tide, and swim in the remarkably warm ocean water.


At high tide seals are often found lounging just off shore seemingly as interested in watching you as you are in them. When tide is low there will be tidal pools stretching towards Billingsgate Island abundant with sea life, large shells, and other treasures.


The excursion is complete with a tranquil sail back to the Wellfleet Marina

The cruise home is a chance to relax after a day in the sun. Sit on the bow for an unencumbered view and take in the undisturbed landscape of Great Island.

Opening June 2nd:

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