Where did the name Captain Curley come from?

I often wear a large hat to help keep the sun off my face but under that hat is an odd mop of very curley hair. Some people come to the harbor looking for a bald guy. I'm lucky that the name will still be relevant after the inevitable. 


Can I bring snacks, food, beverages?

Absolutely! Many people like to have a little picnic on Jeremy Point and it can't hurt to have a few snack items for the ride. Your captain will have a couple bottles of water and maybe a soft drink or two. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage as well. You may bring glass bottles as they tend to be durable however, please do not bring fragile drinking glasses.


What if the weather is bad?

We can and will sail in most weather; come prepared! If the captain cancels your sail due to weather or other safety concern you may reschedule or get a full refund. If the weather is merely less than ideal, we will first try to reschedule but if we can not reschedule we will make the most of what we are given for weather. I strongly encourage you to schedule your sail near the beginning of your vacation. This allows a greater opportunity to reschedule. I'm happy to reschedule for reasons beyond your control (such as poor weather) but I can not give a refund for conditions that are merely less-than-ideal.

Another friend wants to come along after I made my reservation; can they come?

If you booked a private sail, you may bring up to six persons regardless how many were listed when you booked.  Please bring cash or check for a 5th and/or 6th person not on the original reservation. There is no need to confirm this change in advance. However, if your booking is for a public sail, please contact Captain Curley as soon as possible to reserve the space for your additional guest(s) to prevent overbooking. The six person maximum is strictly enforced on all sails.


What should/shouldn't I wear?

We will be in the elements for the duration of our sail. You are encouraged to have a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You may want to consider long sleeves and/or a towel as extra protection from the sun. Additionally, you will not be permitted to wear black/dark soled shoes as they tend to leave marks on the boat. You are welcome to go barefoot. If you are doing the sunset cruise, keep in mind it will get chilly after the sun sets.


Will I get wet?

In most weather conditions the boat tends to stay dry although an occasional wave may come over the bow. However, in strong winds or choppy seas getting splashed could be the norm.

When we stop at Jeremy Point getting off the boat will involve stepping in to a few inches of water; somewhere between your ankles and knees in depth.


Will my camera, towel, picnic, etc stay dry?

Yes. There is space in the cabin to store items that need stay dry.  Small, fragile, and extra important items such as cameras, car keys, and wallets can be put in an available waterproof case for extra safe keeping.  


I know the boat is a 19 foot Mariner, but that means nothing to me. Can you give me a better idea of the size?

This is the largest boat I can find available that can be safely beached. That being said, it does get “cozy” with six average adults. If you have a group of four or more adults please book a private sail, the price point is set for this purpose. Children often enjoy riding on the bow making more room in the cockpit for everyone else (of course adults can go to the bow as well).


Will I need to wear a life-vest?

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs aka life-vests) are not required for adult ticketed passengers. Anyone under 13 must wear a PFD per Coast Guard regulations and Massachusetts Law. PFDs will be supplied to those under 13 years old and available to anyone else who wishes to wear one.


I booked the “Go Ashore at Jeremy Point Sail” but I really just want to sail. Do we have to stop?

If your group is the only group on the boat, I can customize your sail however you like. You can ensure this by booking a private sail. If there are two groups on the same sail we will follow the scheduled itinerary.


I know how to sail; can I rent your boat?

While my insurance requires me to come along, I am happy to let you do as much of the sailing as you like. Even if you've never sailed before you can take a turn at the helm.