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* Private lessons for 1 to 4 people

*$80/hr 1 person; $40/hr 2nd person; no charge 3&4 person

* Under age 13 must have adult along (no charge for adult)

* 13-17 years old may have adult  along (no charge for adult)

*Departs at 8:30am or 9:30am   (tide dependent)

        Take a private sailing lesson with Captain Curley. Brush           up on your skills or purchase a lesson package. Learn to be a competent crew member on any boat or take the 16 hour skipper course and rent your own boat. Two hours every morning is dedicated to sailing lessons. 

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* Destination Sail for 1 to 6 people

* $60 per adult; $30 per Child (under 13 y/o)

* Private Sail: $240 

* Morning departs at 10:15am

* Afternoon departs at 1:30pm

         Sail from Wellfleet Marina to the tip of Great Island; a                     secluded sand bar called Jeremy Point.  Here you may get off the boat and spend approximately 20 minutes exploring the beach, collecting shells, and enjoying a picnic. (food not provided)

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Jeremy Point Jaunts (3 hours) $240-$360
Sunset Sail (2.5 hours) $260-$390

          Sail from Wellfleet Marina; view houses along Indian Neck              and Lieutenants Island then cross the harbor to view the natural landscape of Great Island. We then stop the boat in position to watch the sun go below the horizon behind Great Island.

* Harbor Tour and Sunset Sail for 1 to 6 persons

* $65 per Adult; $40 per child under 13 y/o

* Watch the sunset from the boat

* Bring snacks and beverages

* Departure times vary, check calendar for dates and times

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Extended Sailing Options

Extended Jeremy Point Jaunt $290+

* Extended 30 minutes on Jeremy Point and/or Sailing

* Only available on the 1:30pm Jeremy Point Jaunt

* Additional $50 to regular Jeremy Point Private Sail.

* Choose the 3.5 hour Jeremy Point Sail

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         Frequently my guests tell me they would enjoy being           able to spend more time on the Jeremy Point beach. This option to extend the afternoon Jeremy Point Jaunt by 30 minutes is for the true beach lover.

Extended Sunset $310+

Can’t decide between the Beach Sail and the Sunset Cruise? We also offer a 3 hour sunset cruise, allowing visitors a unique ‘ best of both worlds’ experience. With a little extra time we can sail to Jeremy Point and watch a stunning view of a sunset from the beach. We depart the beach at twilight and sail back under the stars.

Morning Lessons (2 hours) $160-240
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