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3.5 - 6 hour cruises available

$50 per half hour includes up to 6 passengers (boat maximum)

** No additional fees! **


Schedule your start time between 11am and 4:30pm (start time affects available durations)

Meet at Wellfleet Harbor public dock; 255 Commercial Street

Free Parking

There is much more to do in Wellfleet Harbor than I can offer daily outings for


The customized cruises are for people who know what they want to do and for people who want a uniquely tailored experience. I will be your captain and we can take Tomoka anywhere you like for up to 6 hours. The extra time beyond a structured 3 hour cruise allows us to:


* Get to Billingsgate Island - an inhabited island until it was washed over by the ocean in the 1920s. It is now little more than a surreal rock shoal exposed only at low tide.


* Spend extra time on Jeremy Point - take a full day on the beach instead of the 20-30 minutes the 3 hour cruise allows for.


* Time your sail such that we spend some time on Billingsgate and/or Jeremy Point then watch the sunset as we return to the marina.


Of course these are only my thoughts; I will do my best to accommodate whatever your specific requests may be. Please explain in the space available when you book your ticket what you hope to do so I can make sure you are able to get the most of your time.


Tide charts and sunset times are available from many sources, including my website; please make note of these events if they are critical to your plans. For example, Billingsgate Island is submerged at high tide.  

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